Friday, January 28, 2011

Physical Data Flow Diagram

  • An implementation dependent view of the current system, showing what task are carried out and how they are performed.
  • Physical characteristics include
-      Names of people
-      Forms and document Name
-      Names of department
-      Master and transaction files
-      Equipments and devices used
-      Locations
  • Most comprehensive and useful approach to developing an accurate and complete description of current system begins with the development of a physical DFD.
  • The use of physical DFD is desirable for 3 reasons
    • Firstly it is easier to describe the interaction between physical components then it is to understand the policies that are used to manage the applications.
    • Secondly physical DFD are useful for communication with users. User’s relate easily to people , locations, and documents since they work with each entity daily. User’s can easily point out when a step is incorrect or missing.
    • Third they provide a way to validate or verify the users current view of the system. With the way it is actually operating if there are differences they will be noted and discussed.

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